Thursday, April 5, 2012


Some friends and I bought a groupon to take the kids to a place called Sagebrush Ranch.  It sounded like such a fun place....Hayride, pony rides, petting zoo, and and egg hunt.  Well, the kids did have fun but the parents were not impressed!!  The hayride was a nice 45 minute ride, then there were 2 very mad animals tied to a fence to pet/feed (good thing I brought my own carrots), a horse that you could ride but no staff members to help you, and they ran out of eggs for the hunt so we had to wait for them to go to the store for more.  Then they hunted for empty eggs in the empty animal areas but didn't bother to scoop the poop!!  They did get a little prize after the egg hunt, so that was good.  We went home and got directly in the shower!!!  In the end the kids had fun but we will NEVER do that again!!!
Kenzie and Etta riding in the front of the hayride

Riley and Chloe riding in front on the hayride

Our good friends, Eric and Christy

More good friends, Justin and Ali (and Ali's mom )

Mean little horse!

I know her helmet is crooked....she had buns in her hair that were in the!


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Christy said...

I haven't heard back from groupon but I did email them our experience. Mainly telling them that the experience wasn't as described in the groupon and the forced gratuity at check in took place the second day and not the first. Can't wait to hear what they say. I'm glad kids can enjoy things and look past the things that bother us.